LACC Halal Nail Polish - YOU NEED TO KNOW

LACC Halal Nail Polish - YOU NEED TO KNOW


LACC nail polish stands for La Couleur Couture nail polish. Created in 2009, it’s a cruelty free, vegan-friendly lacquer that’s great for a whole bunch of reasons. 

There’s a whole bunch of stuff not in this line of polish –  no parabens, formaldehyde, or any of the other chemicals that go with that whole 5-free thing. There’s also no gluten in it. Is gluten-free polish a thing? Sort of. Lots of polish coats contain hydrolysed wheat protein so if you’re trying to remove all gluten from your personal space and have therefore given up your beloved nail polishes, you can safely sport LACC and be all kinds of gluten-free.

LACC Polish = Happy Vegans

Yep, LACC is vegan-friendly. This line was developed without animal testing and without animal by-products. I know, you’re thinking that there might be animals in your polish, right? Well there might be – like maybe the super-finely ground sparkly fish scales of a herring. Or maybe there’s cochineal from which the dye carmine is derived. Yep, sometimes there’s not-vegan-friendly stuff in your cosmetics. Now you know.

LACC Polish = Breathability Bonus

LACC is a breathable polish. Breathable? What? Yes. Apparently, it allows water to penetrate it and reach the nail.

We need to keep in mind this isn’t about your nails breathing (FACT: nails don’t have lungs, ergo they do not breathe). This is about the ability of both water and air to penetrate the polish and reach the nail surface.

To us, that’s not the definition of “breathable” (it’s more like my definition of air-and-water permeable), this is a big deal for Muslim women. Why? That’s because Islam states that in order to pray properly, you gotta purify yourself by washing every part of your hands and arms – including your nails . If water reaches the nail, you’re good to go. What does that mean? It means Muslim women can now wear this particular line of polish while praying instead of having to remove polish before they pray and reapply it after. It’s wudhu-friendly.

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